Who We Are

From an internship portal for students to a start-up that has convinced Munich Business Plan Competition financial investors (ATAMA AG) to found the sjn AG, a public limited company with an engineering and industrial directory as the main product.
That was in the year 2000. Meanwhile there are 80 SJN directories around the world with 26.2 million registered businesses.

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What We Do

SJN.net is with millions of registered companies a Global network of supplier search engine in the business-to-business sector.
With a focus on industry, technology and engineering, we list information and data of manufacturers, distributors and service providers.
As a user, this focus allows you to quickly search for relevant results and cross-references.

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What Is Your Advantage

With the B2B portal SJN you can easily make your products and services known and find suppliers, distributors and service providers.

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Get to know the CEO

Simon JOAS
"In 1996, I wanted to know why Internet sites look the way they are and where they are. I bought two books about HTML and Java and started. It is crazy that for 20 years my hobby is my profession in my own company."

Knowledgebase and Support

Take advantage of our new knowledge base for instructions on how to use SJN and the individual functions work.

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