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Greater range

More links increase the value of your registration.

Better discoverability

You can present yourself more detailed and accurate.

Complete offer

List all of your products and services unlimited and free.

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A short online form or as an upload to do the listing.



Rather than maintaining hundreds of listings in portals, a listing in the B2B-Crowd is sufficient. Your company is represented in all participating sites and always up to date - for free.

One listing that gives you the simple and easy way to present your products to a huge potential of interested buyers.


We think, data must flow. That is why we offer our directory as a service to partners who include it as part or whole in their portal.

So our offer not only benefits you as a company, but also industry portals and marketplaces on the Internet. The B2B-Crowd - a part of Shareconomy.




Sharing economy is an umbrella term with a range of meanings, often used to describe economic and social activity involving online transactions.

Originally growing out of the open-source community the term is now used in a broader sense to describe any sales transactions that are done via online market places.

(Parts from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sharing_economy)