Make a Depsit



for sponsor boxes and pay-per-click

Click the upper right corner at 'balances' to 'make deposit'. Then select the recharge amount and with 'buy credit' you get to the payment options.


Payment Process

overview and administration

The payment options will redirect you to your invoice, PayPal or cryptocurrencies and token. Once your payment has been verified it will be available in your account. You see it in the upper right corner with 'balance'.

payment options

Book Sponsorbox


Position Company Listing

on a main category page

Click the function 'Book sponsorbox' on the listing you want to rank on the selected and booked main category pages of sjn.


Select Main Category

and set booking period

Now for the selected listing, enter the desired main category (or other term) and determine the duration in months. 'Save' completes the booking process.


Sponsor Box Settlement

The listing is active immediately.

In the settlement you will see the main category booked, expiration date and fee. The listing starts at the bottom of the list and climbs upward. The longer you choose the term, the longer you keep the top position. For sponsor boxes there is no click reporting because it is a flat rate. However, you can book our option for a report.



Position Company Listing

on a top spot

Click the function 'Book eywords' for the listing you want to place a bid for the freely selectable top positions in the search results.