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You can present yourself more detailed and accurate.

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List all of your products and services unlimited and free.

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A company listing is like a store. It is the product listings filling your shelves.



With product listings you showcase each product individually. Present commercial buyers clearly your offer. You get significantly more inquiries and new contacts due to product-oriented search behavior.

List your products with specification, technical details, photos, product catalogs and videos. Link directly to your online-store or the individual product page.

Upload your products with data feeds from your online shop.


Companies are looking not only for products but also for services. With service listing you present the competence of your company. Explain the tasks for which you are a solution provider. Show your skills and get more new and interesting jobs.

List your services with description, phone number, pictures and videos. Link targeted to a page of your company's website or a booking page.


Listing Service

We help you with your listings.

Product Data

From product list to data feed.

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Only pay for customer leads.


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