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The SJN Business Directory is a moderated online directory with over 26.2 million industrial and crafts companies worldwide. We make search for technical partners and suppliers through the topics focus efficient. Our users are craftsmen, decision makers in the purchasing, development departments and managing and researchers, as well as users for technical services.

The size of the Internet makes it necessary for companies to not only rely on their website, but to participate in several strategically important portals and directories to grow and build existing and new business relations. SJN offers an ideal opportunity for companies to present themselves in a relevant environment with their services and products.



With your company listing you draw attention to yourself and use the Internet as the new medium for customer acquisition and product placement. The more extensive and more accurate you specify your company's data, the better you will be found.

Your free company listing includes the following: certification, city, company logo, company name, company type, contact person, corporate priorities (up to 100 words), description (up to 500 characters), employee number, fax, link to website, market, online request form, phone, street address;

80% of our searches are product names. List your products and services with description, technical details, pictures and product catalogs and videos. Link specifically to your online store or the individual product page and generate more demand.

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At which point you appear in the categories and search results, also depends on the quality of your listing. Well maintained with lots of data increases the ranking and list higher.
Ranking Criteria
  • Purchased Premium listing or
  • SJN-Badge on frontpage, article in blog or
  • press release or offer us something
  • Logo and company photo
  • Products listed
  • Catalogue / PDF added
  • SJN-Badge on webpage
  • updated address
  • incomplete data
  • rarely any information (mostly old data)
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Do not hope for luck to be found among millions of industrial companies. Put yourself in the front row! At SJN you can position your listing on top positions in the search results and even highlight it in front of your competition and offer more information right away.

Get one of the top positions in one main category and be above all others in top position. Your entry receives a ranking 9, making in all corporate priorities that you specify (up to 100) listed at the top.
(Annual fee 270 euros net)

And to really no longer be overlooked, leaving nothing to chance: Expand on a colored background and a second main category.
(Annual fee 470 euros net)

In order to specifically place your listing in another or several main categories, book a 'Sponsorbox' (a keyword / term / main category) and take a leading position in the relevant list and search result. In the main category pages no free entries are listed.
(Monthly fee 10 euros net)




How much is it worht for you and you competitors? Find it out with real-time-bidding and bid for the top positions of each search term and keyword. With performance-marketing you only pay when a real click-through to your company website happens. To track the action a return-on-investment tracker can be installed on your site to see if a desired action followed (eg shopping cart or contact form).

To use pay-per-click make a deposit on your user-account. The credit can be used for above-mentioned sponsor boxes, or successful bid of top rankings per keyword. With daily, weekly and monthly limits you have control over your spending and a statistics tool shows you the performance of the individual terms and actions.

Pay-per-click is our main selling point among the B2B Search Engines. It is not offered by any other supplier search engine. This performance-based ranking is the perfect solution for those who want to avoid expensive premium packages.


For your company listing your matching matching search terms are proposed for bidding. You see the bids of the competition for the first 5 rankings displayed and can step into the auction with your own bids to position your listing.

With our 'SmartBidding' select your desired position and maximum bid. The mechanism only provides the minimum bid and begins to beat your competition automatically in small increments. But not more than up to your maximum. So you do not have to manually control your bids constantly to keep your top rankings.


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